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We are always looking for new fresh faces for our videos. We especially are looking for attractive females and males for tickling videos. To save time let us tell you the following:

1. You need NO EXPERIENCE whatsoever but what you need to be is VERY TICKLISH. The fans of our videos can smell a fake a mile away. If you are ticklish but only in certain places or at certain times or are unsure if your "ticklish enough", please contact us so we can talk it over! (note: no matter how many times we say this, we still get models who are NOT ticklish or hardly ticklish at all and lie to us to try to get work. PLEASE... save us both from an embarrassing situation and a waste of time. If your not ticklish don't call us for tickling work... talk to us about doing OTHER types of work. We are always interested in meeting girls for many types of fetish work.)

2. We like ALL KINDS OF WOMEN! From the girl next door to the most outrageously pierced and tattooed body mod fan and everything in between. Large chested.... No chested... Extremely petite and tiny... tall and lanky... we're interested in just about everything. If your truly ticklish and think this would be fun, take a chance and contact us... the worst that can happen is we politely decline your offer.

3. We are professional and well known in our industry. Most importantly we are lifestyle players in the BDSM/Fetish scene. We do this for real in our personal life and teach safe, sane, consensual BDSM to people all over the country. We are not crazy amateurs that are going to hurt you physically or mentally. If you decide to work with us, you can be assured you'll be treated professionally, you'll be very safe and a female staff member is present at all shoots. Not to mention if you are interested in the lifestyle you can get some free advice to boot ;)

4. You do NOT have to work naked. Topless and nude are a plus... BUT again... we can't say this enough. THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IS THAT YOUR TICKLISH! Not being nude or being the perfect looking specimen. If you are really ticklish and want to keep your clothes on that's completely fine... we are still very interested!

5. We pay well and we are very flexible. Our shoots are usually short but you are paid very well for your time. Our hourly rate can go from $75 - $300 per hour in front of the camera depending on the length of shoot, your experience, if you are working topless or not and how ticklish you are etc. Many times we will work out a flat fee for you based on an hourly rate. Our studio is available 24 hours per day and we can arrange shoots very quickly. .

So, what do you think? Interested? Don't be shy... we are very nice and don't bite (unless it's a biting fetish video lol). Please send us an email with a picture or link to some pictures and a short bit of information on yourself and your fetish to: